I'm glad you tune in. My name is Christophe Novak. I thrive in transdisciplinarity. 
I am a musician and composer, an anthropologist and a creative thinker dedicated to cultivating improvisation in art and life. I produce music in counterpoint with studying the cognitive dimensions of embodied music practice. 
A perfect blend of melody and rhythm, Marimba has become not only a core instrument of exploration but a transpersonal anchor and sophisticated device for self-transformation. I am dedicated to unravelling ecological principles of creativity through different channels of expression, practical tools and theoretical lenses.
I specialise in studying the integral psychodynamics of loop-based live-composing within the musicological framework of asymmetric time signature and complex polyrhythmic layering. 
My passion for the diversity of human expression led me to study Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna. I have a particular ethnomusicological interest in the continuous integration of world music cultures. Vienna has proven an invaluable creative hub and incubation centre to my artistic and intellectual development, allowing me to engage with a variety of active transdisciplinary and transcultural fields. 
My approach to life and music is rooted in a fundamentally integral attitude and nourished by a deep alchemical pulse that invites me to cultivate a creative amalgamation of mind, material and environment. 
I strive to share my passion for transdisciplinary creative thinking with others and to accompany individuals and small groups on their path toward self-realisation.
This website is, for now, fundamentally a creative expiration of the many ideas making up my rhizomatic mind. May these pages not only be a hub of creative inspiration for you, dear visitor, but an invitation to actively co-create enabling spaces that integrate our human propensities of artistry, musicality and scientific curiosity.

Christophe Novak 
Vienna 2021
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