2017-11 @ 25hours Hotel

 Envisioned in Luxemburg and incubated in Vienna, Achronon Alive is a transdisciplinary project dedicated to the exploration of ecological principles underlying the process of creative emergence.
 Achronon Alive is a musical enabling space tuning into the ever-present origin. Transcending stylistic boundaries, we play with emergence, invite correspondence and go with the flow. We envision a musical experience out of which can unfold a live performance entirely grounded in improvisation. Our music is a synesthetic journey through a rich variety of soundscapes that stimulate imagination and creative thinking. We take our inspiration from patterns of growth and movement found in nature, animal communications and abstract archetypal life processes. 
Reimagining the role of music, we perceive musicality as a powerful tool to explore ecologies of aliveness within creative processes in real-time.

Living Room Session in my first apartment

Living Room Session in my second apartment

Extreme Mind

2019-11 @ Szene Wien

Extreme Mind is a progressive Jazz-Metal band that originated in Iran and crystallized in Vienna. We are currently in the post-production stage of our first studio album "Hearing the Bigger Picture", which has been crafted throughout the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic.  
Extreme Mind is united in walking a path of continuous self-transformation. Our pulse is uncompromisingly alive, innovative and integral. We love discovering and exploring new possibilities of interweaving and fusing different music cultures. We share a deep dedication to honest creative expression and appreciate each other's tacit knowledge beyond music: We are five extreme minds in our own right, deep divers within our individual quests, eager to learn from each other and to manifest a common vision with a growing tribe. 
Diversity is our strength. Transformation our fuel. 

2020-02 @  Szene Wien

2019-06 @ Tree of Life Festival

Solo Projects

2013-12 - Audio Score

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2014-06 - Video & Music Production

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