Improvisation Literacy
Minding Through Music 
Attuning to the Symphony of Life
Didactic Approach
Following an integral approach to music, I understand myself as a resonating ground for the potentials that wait to surface, facilitating organic growth. My broad experience across a multitude of musical genres and cultures allows me to answer to and foster individual needs. As I have discovered music as a transformative vehicle on my own path, I am looking forward to sharing and re-actualizing this experience with students in the spirit of mutual co-exploration. My affinity for consciousness studies translates into a strong interest in optimal learning environments, i.e. flow spaces and interweaving musical practice with self-individuation and life lessons. Through the symphony of life metaphor, we shall unravel the small and great mysteries within the texture of our human existence, explore what it means to do music through the prism of different ways of seeing and discover our innate creative potential as we learn to express ourselves as multifaceted beings from a centre of wholeness.
Private Classes
Drums / Marimba / Djembe
Electroacoustic Live Looping
Group Classes
Djembe & Percussion

All classes take place in our cosy & fully equipped music studio close to U6 Josefstädter Straße, Vienna.
Minding through Music Improvisation

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