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Wu Wei: No Way as Way
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30 minutes by car from the Southern Luxemburg border, our 3 ha private family retreat is a natural paradise that touches the heart and the soul. A thriving enabling space for the cross-pollination of embodied knowledge cultures, skill sets and expertises, it is the perfect place to dive deep, let the mind breathe and cultivate presence and resonance with oneself and the environment. From focused group retreats to flowing festivities, we welcome and support initiatives that aim to cultivate mind, body and consciousness in the spirit of mutual enlightenment. Fillières is a place where our humanity is activated at all its levels. It invites us to touch the Ground and discover latent potentials that tend to go unnoticed in the business of everyday life. It invites us to discover our minds in their embodied, embedded, extended and enacted dimensions. It invites us to take a step out of time, and sharpen the focus of our attention toward the present. It affords itself as a place to behold the beholding nature of our minds, and herein lies its essence: It is an oasis that lends itself to cultivating any focused attention training in the timeless format of a retreat. A retreat, in this sense, is defined not by that which it retreats from, but as a movement toward something - namely, the development and concretisation of what is most essential in our lives. It is not about the what. It is about the how.​​​​​​​
Delehei giving a traditional Mongolian music masterclass
Achronon Alive Gathering
August 2019

Ice bathing with group of friends
Winter Solstice Retreat 
December 2019

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